Protip: Streamline professional learning with
the Learning Commons and Google Classroom

by Stephen Pham; February 22, 2019


The Learning Commons gives educators, coaches, and leaders access to a vast library of diverse professional learning content. We’ve partnered with leaders in the space – including districts, nonprofits, and consultants – to make content and playlists available at your fingertips.

While we know there is a lot of value in finding and exploring content within the Learning Commons site, we also know that integrating the content into platforms you already use – such as Google Classroom – is essential to ensuring educators can easily save, organize, and share content. Due to its intuitive design and $0 price tag, Google Classroom has expanded beyond its roots as just a tool for managing student learning to one that is often leveraged to organize and manage professional learning for educators, as well.

And so, we’re excited to share an easy way for you to save Learning Commons content – particularly playlists – in your classroom in just a few, easy steps.

All of this is made possible through the Share to Classroom Chrome extension, making it easy for you to share any webpage as a notification, assignment, question, or announcement to your Google Classroom dashboard. You can find directions for installing the extension to help you with this process.

Image from    Google Classroom Help   .

Once you’ve set up the extension, find your favorite Learning Commons playlist and follow the steps below to share it with one of your classes in Google Classroom, whether it’s a class you lead (as a coach or professional learning community lead) or class used to save resources for your own learning.

1. In Google Chrome, go to the Learning Commons playlist you want to share. Next to the address bar, click Share to Classroom.


2. Click the name of your class. Note: If you haven’t created any classes, you'll receive an error message. Click Open Classroom to create a class. For details, see Create a class.


3. From the drop-down list, choose what you want to do:

  1. To attach the webpage to a post:

    1. To create an assignment, select Create assignment, enter your assignment, and click Assign.

    2. To ask a question, select Ask question, enter your question, and click Ask.

    3. To create an announcement, select Make announcement, enter your announcement, and click Post.

  2. Note: The Push to students feature is not quite applicable in this use case, as it pushes the link to the browsers of all active students (though this can be used during a live PD session).

4. (Optional) Click View to view the assignment, question, or announcement on the Stream page. Here’s an example of a Learning Commons playlist within Google Classroom:


With this handy tool, you can easily build Learning Commons playlists into your professional learning, gaining access to the hundreds of resources and the growing number of playlists.

Have other examples of how you’ve used the Learning Commons in your professional learning? Send a note to

These instructions have been adapted from Google’s “Share a webpage with your students” page.


Stephen Pham is an associate partner at The Learning Accelerator, an experienced educator, and a proponent of blended and personalized learning. Follow Stephen on Twitter @stephenqpham.