Across the country, educators, leaders, and school support organizations are working to implement new, innovative, and personalized approaches to student learning. Accelerating this work requires sharing across organizations, platforms, and frameworks to help practitioners develop their skills and knowledge. The Learning Commons is a shared, online space where educators, teachers, designers, and leaders can find, save, and share ideas, tools, and open content linked to specific teaching competencies.

How Does The Learning Commons Work?

The Learning Commons is a free, open site where educators can search for professional learning resources provided by different learning content providers, educational research institutions, professional development organizations, and school districts to find the professional learning support they need to implement innovative approaches to teaching, including blended and personalized learning, in their classrooms. Teachers, designers, and leaders of learning can discover curated content playlists, self-paced competency development tracking, and community-vetted resources. Resources can be saved and shared through personalized content playlists.

The Learning Commons also provides leaders of learning networks with guided, curated content aligned to competency development and learning frameworks to help both individual educators and teams of teachers to implement impactful learning in their classrooms. The Learning Commons offers learning leaders of both formal and informal learning networks rich experience data that reflects what resources teachers use and value.

Who Is Involved In The Learning Commons?

The Learning Commons was created by The Learning Accelerator and Yet Analytics, and supported by partnerships with other innovative education organizations, including (partial list):

During the initial public beta, content in the Learning Commons will be sourced from these partner organizations. As the Learning Commons community grows, more content partners will be added to further expand the professional learning resources available to educators.

What Are People Saying About The Learning Commons?


“The Learning Commons has been a great way to find promising practices as well as share own our curated resources with other partners. As a district leader, it’s been really helpful to find resources and exemplars to use when supporting school leaders and teachers. One of my favorite features is having the ability to use our own resources to create playlists. Looking ahead, we’re planning to use the Learning Commons to create differentiated playlists for our school leaders to help us personalize our supports.” — Kristen Watkins, Director, Personalized Learning, Dallas ISD


“The Learning Commons is exactly a model of what we want our teachers to do with our students, so in providing professional development with our teachers, we are also able to show them exactly what they need to be doing with their students.” — Jennifer Crawford, District Integration Specialist, School District of Oconee County



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